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Eric Cambray

Eric Cambray

Web Architect / Analyst (PHP, J2EE, Ajax, MDA, ...)

40 years old
Nantes (44) France
Employed Open to opportunities
Fascinated by the web for many years, I manage the technical and editorial components of Metalorgie, the leading rock webzine in France.
Since 2006, I have participated in various web projects using a wide-range of technologies (Java, PHP, XSL, MDA, ...) and frameworks.
Today, I work for DoYouBuzz as a designer / developer for www.doyoubuzz.com - an online resume creation and distribution service.
  • Eclipse plug-in development for S-IDE project.
  • Business & Decision: developed a Liferay generator (using Acceleo, Topcased, SWT) and user assistance & training.
  • Member of the BlueXML R&D team for Kerblue / S-IDE (sustainable application generator). Worked with Acceleo, Topcased, ATL.
    Responsible for the modeler component (under Eclipse IDE).
  • SEM (6 months): CRM application generator on Alfresco / Liferay using J2EE, Struts, XML, XSL, Javascript (framework JQuery, YUI!, ...). Installation (CAS, Active Directory, ...) and Liferay's portlet development.
  • Unilog (6 month): developed the back office (web browser part) for GUSO (UNEDIC) in J2EE, HTML, CSS, Javscript.
  • Mission (9 month) for Jouve on university library portal using Cocoon, J2EE, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, LDAP, Lucene, Rhino, PHP.
  • OpenBlueLab generator development (in xml, xsl using Cocoon). (4 months)
Company Description
BlueXML specializes in Model-Driven Architecture products.
Company website