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Eric Cambray

Eric Cambray

Web Architect / Analyst (PHP, J2EE, Ajax, MDA, ...)

40 years old
Nantes (44) France
Employed Open to opportunities
Fascinated by the web for many years, I manage the technical and editorial components of Metalorgie, the leading rock webzine in France.
Since 2006, I have participated in various web projects using a wide-range of technologies (Java, PHP, XSL, MDA, ...) and frameworks.
Today, I work for DoYouBuzz as a designer / developer for www.doyoubuzz.com - an online resume creation and distribution service.
  • Dynamic website programming using PHP, MySQL, Ajax (www.doyoubuzz.com)
  • Developing the DoYouBuzz search engine using Sphinx, PHP, MySQL.
Company Description
DoYouBuzz is an online resume service that gets you recognized for your professional potential. Our promise: You'll love your resume!
Company website
  • Eclipse plug-in development for S-IDE project.
  • Business & Decision: developed a Liferay generator (using Acceleo, Topcased, SWT) and user assistance & training.
  • Member of the BlueXML R&D team for Kerblue / S-IDE (sustainable application generator). Worked with Acceleo, Topcased, ATL.
    Responsible for the modeler component (under Eclipse IDE).
  • SEM (6 months): CRM application generator on Alfresco / Liferay using J2EE, Struts, XML, XSL, Javascript (framework JQuery, YUI!, ...). Installation (CAS, Active Directory, ...) and Liferay's portlet development.
  • Unilog (6 month): developed the back office (web browser part) for GUSO (UNEDIC) in J2EE, HTML, CSS, Javscript.
  • Mission (9 month) for Jouve on university library portal using Cocoon, J2EE, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, LDAP, Lucene, Rhino, PHP.
  • OpenBlueLab generator development (in xml, xsl using Cocoon). (4 months)
Company Description
BlueXML specializes in Model-Driven Architecture products.
Company website
  • (In process) Developing the V4 of the website in PHP 5 & OOP (using Zend Framework, PEAR), MySQL, Ajax (Prorotype, YUI!, JQuery). Integration with social networks using API (Last.fm, RateYourMusik, Facebook...).
  • Organizing the an annual festival in Nantes (first edition in 2009)
  • Maintaining ongoing SEO efforts
  • Authoring editorial content
  • Implementing Revenue Management. Methods: direct advertising, Adsense, partnerships.
  • CMS PHP / MySQL design & development.
  • President of the Metalorgie association.
Company Description
Metalorgie is a non profit association which manages metalorgie.com. Metalorgie.com is the leader French webzine covering alternative music (metal, punk, hardcore) in France. The site attracts 11,000 visit per day.
A new version scheduled for 2010 will take Metalorgie to new horizons in web 2.0.
Company website
  • Developed new version of the website tarawa.com (webshop selling jewel piercing), from scratch in PHP 4 & MySQL.
  • SEO
  • Added modules (partnership by eg) and maintenance, integration of a graphic identity.
Detailed Description
  • I worked with Tarawa on a project basis. Total contract time was about 10 months.
Company Description
Tarawa is one of the largest French body jewelry companies. They are present in Cap d'Agde and on the web.
Company website

Analyste Développeur

A-Max & Association Taenia
June 2002 to February 2003
  • A-Max (2 month) : Development of on online shop for tools and raw material for glass-blower.
  • Association Taenia (2 month) : Development of a presentation website for the association (band management and live show organization)