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Eric Cambray

Eric Cambray

Web Architect / Analyst (PHP, J2EE, Ajax, MDA, ...)

40 years old
Nantes (44) France
Employed Open to opportunities
Fascinated by the web for many years, I manage the technical and editorial components of Metalorgie, the leading rock webzine in France.
Since 2006, I have participated in various web projects using a wide-range of technologies (Java, PHP, XSL, MDA, ...) and frameworks.
Today, I work for DoYouBuzz as a designer / developer for www.doyoubuzz.com - an online resume creation and distribution service.
  • (In process) Developing the V4 of the website in PHP 5 & OOP (using Zend Framework, PEAR), MySQL, Ajax (Prorotype, YUI!, JQuery). Integration with social networks using API (Last.fm, RateYourMusik, Facebook...).
  • Organizing the an annual festival in Nantes (first edition in 2009)
  • Maintaining ongoing SEO efforts
  • Authoring editorial content
  • Implementing Revenue Management. Methods: direct advertising, Adsense, partnerships.
  • CMS PHP / MySQL design & development.
  • President of the Metalorgie association.
Company Description
Metalorgie is a non profit association which manages metalorgie.com. Metalorgie.com is the leader French webzine covering alternative music (metal, punk, hardcore) in France. The site attracts 11,000 visit per day.
A new version scheduled for 2010 will take Metalorgie to new horizons in web 2.0.
Company website