Lead Developer

Since October 2009
  • Dynamic website programming using PHP, MySQL, Ajax (www.doyoubuzz.com)
  • Developing the DoYouBuzz search engine using Sphinx, PHP, MySQL.

Design / Development

September 2006 to September 2009
  • Eclipse plug-in development for S-IDE project.
  • Business & Decision: developed a Liferay generator (using Acceleo, Topcased, SWT) and user assistance & training.
  • Member of the BlueXML R&D team for Kerblue / S-IDE (sustainable application generator). Worked with Acceleo, Topcased, ATL.
    Responsible for the modeler component (under Eclipse IDE).
  • SEM (6 months): CRM application generator on Alfresco / Liferay using J2EE, Struts, XML, XSL, Javascript (framework JQuery, YUI!, ...). Installation (CAS, Active Directory, ...) and Liferay's portlet development.
  • Unilog (6 month): developed the back office (web browser part) for GUSO (UNEDIC) in J2EE, HTML, CSS, Javscript.
  • Mission (9 month) for Jouve on university library portal using Cocoon, J2EE, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, LDAP, Lucene, Rhino, PHP.
  • OpenBlueLab generator development (in xml, xsl using Cocoon). (4 months)
  • (In process) Developing the V4 of the website in PHP 5 & OOP (using Zend Framework, PEAR), MySQL, Ajax (Prorotype, YUI!, JQuery). Integration with social networks using API (Last.fm, RateYourMusik, Facebook...).
  • Organizing the an annual festival in Nantes (first edition in 2009)
  • Maintaining ongoing SEO efforts
  • Authoring editorial content
  • Implementing Revenue Management. Methods: direct advertising, Adsense, partnerships.
  • CMS PHP / MySQL design & development.
  • President of the Metalorgie association.

Design / Development

September 2004 to July 2006
  • Developed new version of the website tarawa.com (webshop selling jewel piercing), from scratch in PHP 4 & MySQL.
  • SEO
  • Added modules (partnership by eg) and maintenance, integration of a graphic identity.


  • UML
  • Merise
  • MDA
  • PHP: 4, 5, Zend, PEAR, Turbulence, Symfony, Smarty, APC, Sphinx, ...
  • Javascript: ajax, YUI!, Dojo, Prototype, JQuery, Mootools
  • Java: J2EE, Struts, JSP, Portlets JSR-168...
  • XML: XSLT, XPath, XQuery
  • DB: MySQL, Oracle, Exist
  • Others languages: Cobol, Pascal, C, C++
  • System: Windows, Linux
  • Framework: Zend, Struts, Cocoon, Symfony, JSF, ...
  • Other application: Alfresco, Liferay, Joomla


  • SEO
  • Ads: adsense, Amazon partner program, ebay network, AD42
  • Apache, Tomcat
  • HTML, xHTML, CSS, xForms
  • English: read, written, spoken
  • Spanish: read
  • Chinese: Beginner


  • Passionate about Music with a big M: rock, metal, trip hop, stoner, sludge, crust, doom, hip-hop,...
  • Independant, asiat, SF, ...


Baccalaureate (Sciences)

Lycée A. Loubatière à Agde
September 1999 to June 2000

Masters of Applied Computer Science to Enterprise Management

IUP MIAGe - Nantes
September 2004 to August 2006

Specialized in information systems design

Computer Sciences CNAM

CNAM Montpellier
September 2003 to June 2004

Completed one year of coursework in a 2-year program.

Associate Degree of Computer Science

EPSI Montpellier
September 2001 to June 2003

Specialized in application development